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This program is definitely worth every penny I personally took the finance program and I learned tools that will follow me for life. I learned proper money management and you may learn something different so I advise everyone to invest in there knowledge.

It was great! 100% recommend ! I’ve learned so much through this journey I’ve accomplished so many things that I would have never thought possible on my own. I recommend this to all young adults because there’s no one better to call on or put your trust in! Such a great & godly woman ! Join Tanisha Taylor’s coaching for young adults today! We Love You Thank you for all of your support & professional help ❤️❤️


Tanisha Taylor Coaching has dedicated herself to providing life skills to young adults far beyond what they would receive in grade school and in many cases at home. I so wish I had an opportunity as a young adult to acquire additional skills in the area of financial literacy, nutrition, decision making, etc….Kudos for providing our young adults with crucial keys to a better life.


This coaching program is amazing!!! Our young adults need guidance as they continue to work towards their future. Mrs. Taylor is providing a variety of resources, topics and leadership to the community that will be so beneficial to all who participate. I had the opportunity to speak to a group about network marketing. Many of the students had never been introduced to this way of building wealth. They were eager to find out more, and I look forward to sharing with them in the near future.


Tanisha Taylor’s experience and organizational skills as well as her passion for making a difference with young entrepreneurs, ensuring they address all pieces of their businesses early on. She is focused on their success, and making sure they have the knowledge and confidence they need in their business

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I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of the business coaching classes at a conference in May 2023. Ms. Taylor was unique, thorough and innovative in her approach. The whole audience was engaged and captivated. I was moved as a n entrepreneur shifting lanes and Tanisha made me feel like I was right on track all along. Even my young adult son was intrigued and inspired by her class. She was personable after and followed up with additional resources and support for our journey. I look forward to more classes and coaching by Tanisha Taylor Coaching, it has been a great experience so far!

This is perfect for you Tanisha!!! I’ve always known you to think with a sound mind and a level head therefore providing advice to individuals that will help them. You aim to lead others in the right direction. I’ve never known you to tell anyone what they want to hear but instead you tell them how it is even if it’s a hard conversation that causes the individual to look within themselves as a start either healing or solving problems. You have great mentorship abilities. At the time years ago of course I didn’t recognize you as a mentor but as a friend helping me through a very tough time in my life. Sending this text I realized that you were providing me with mentorship as we talked for hours and you would always encourage me and give me the best realistic sound advice.


Tanisha you are a very kind and considerate person with a heart of gold. You are also a very driven person; you put your mind to something and you get it done. I feel I’m a better person for knowing you.

Kim H

A warm, kind hearted, strong, articulate spiritual leader. You uplift and motivate people without judgment. You’re giving of your time to help others. You are a blessing to those you come in contact with and a great source of help.


Your gifts and talents to help others – trustworthy, honest, disciplined, goal oriented, hardworking, passionate, organized, strong, caring and FUN. All that and more wrapped up in one FABULOUS Lady.