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When I was 18 years old, a fellow college student asked me what career path I was on. At that time, it was Dentistry. He said you are on the wrong career path; you need to be a counselor helping people with life decisions. What do you think happened next? Of course, I changed my major, so I could graduate from college and start helping people. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Instead, I changed my major to history in the hope of becoming a college professor. After graduating from college and relocating and other personal reasons there was no time for grad school and I declined my enrollment. It was time to find a job. With no prior work experience, I started working in temporary companies until an angel crossed my path and introduced me to the banking industry.

At this point, with no prior business experience, this was my opportunity to pay my bills. Within the first year something magical happened, I found this love and passion for helping people with money matters and this became my career. Yes, there were challenges during the journey, but for the most part it provided what I needed.

In my banking experience, I had the opportunity to help people make their financial dreams come true. For example, I helped clients who wanted to save money, earn money, pay off debt, purchase large ticket items such as cars, homes and home improvements and those that wanted to prepare for their future and retirement.

What I enjoyed most was helping young adults get started on their financial journey. My favorite client stories were helping clients save money, paying off debt and purchasing homes, especially the young adult clients. I recall many stories over the last 25 years helping someone overcome a financial struggle and then achieving their financial goal.

Passion Stories

My passion stories relate to those purchasing their first home with credit score problems, not enough savings or debt to income ratios issues. It was my personal and professional responsibility to help them overcome the financial obstacles hindering them from reaching their goals.

I created steps to get them where they needed to be financially. After a few months many eventually became homeowners. I was invested in their process because I remember when I was a young adult purchasing my first home was difficult because of lack of preparation and not knowing how to do it, I understood their pain.

I was able to overcome the challenges with family assistance and educational advice that helped me to reach my goals. I knew just what to do to guide them on their journey and many clients celebrated their success. This was just a quick highlight of a financial story, but there are many more over the past 25 years.


Also in my journey, I learned finances was not the only aspect of life that I could help people with. I have helped my friends, family members, coworkers, and church members to reach their goals. I personally love getting results for myself at rapid speed and encouraging others to do the same. However, my biggest challenge was not quitting when things were hard. My mom encouraged me to work hard and don’t quit even when there were times I wanted to quit. I know for a fact having God and my (MOM) coach makes reaching goals more attainable.

If I can do it for myself, why not help someone else reach their goals. I’m passionate about finding out what others want to achieve, avoid and helping them to create the next steps to celebrating results. In 2008, this became real to me, I remembered saying to myself, I’m going to do this coaching business. I purchased books and created a name and filed it with the State of Ohio. However, I was stuck and didn’t know how to transition from employee to an entrepreneur. I was afraid because I went to college and a career was my path.

The Journey

Over the next 14 years, I learned from my life lessons, overcame many obstacles and experienced the joy of conquering the events that held me back. In my prayer time with the Lord, I was guided to go back full circle to the passion of helping young adults in my college years and throughout my life. After 25+ years of banking something was still missing. I needed more in my life connected to my purpose of helping the individuals where it first started back at age 18. It was in my DNA … from my grandmother to my mother this is what we do to help others get results.

I love helping everyone but my main focus right now is young adults. I made the decision to leave the banking industry to focus on helping young adults to create the life they want with their finances and other important areas of life. I want to motivate young adults to find purpose in their faith, happiness in family relationships and fulfillment with fitness and nutrition without the fear of failure. Let your journey begin reaching goals and overcoming struggles as we collaborate together to create a happy and productive life for you.

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My passion for coaching, training and speaking stems from a deep belief in the transformative power of knowledge, inspiration, and personal growth. I am driven by a burning desire to empower young adults to unlock their full potential, breakthrough barriers, and achieve their dreams. Every moment spent coaching, training, or speaking is an opportunity to ignite the spark of greatness within young adults, and that’s what fuels my relentless dedication to this meaningful work.